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Photographer Charles Oakeshott
Active Period 1859 - 1875
Lifespan Born:  c1817 France Died: 
Studio Addresses 9 Pier Street, Ryde
3 Pier Street, Ryde
Trade History 1859 White's Directory of IOW
Chas. Oakeshott, photographer, 9 Pier Street, Ryde

1865 Harrod's Directory of Hampshire & IOW (page 1151)
Charles Oakshott[sic], photographer, 9 Pier Street, Ryde

1867 Kelly's Directory of IOW
Charles Oakshott[sic], photographer, 9 Pier Street, Ryde

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1865 - estimated date of photo (see example below)
- estimated date of photo (see example below)
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Example of an Oakeshott photo of unknown date, possibly c1865

My thanks to Angela McMurtry for supplying the above photo.

Another example of an Oakeshott photo of unknown date, thought to be c1875 when he also had a studio in Southsea

My thanks to Ann Barrett for supplying the above photo, and the RSHG for permission to show it.


Family History Charles Oakeshott was born c1817 in France, a British Subject.

In the 1861 census Charles is recorded as being a 44 year old unmarried photographer from France, living at a Stationer's Shop in Pier Street, Ryde. Also living at the address was Eliza Spencer, a 20 year old general servant from Yarmouth.

At the time of the 1871 census, Charles, now 54 and still a photographer, was living at 9 Pier Street, assumed to be the same address as the Stationer's Shop. Also living with him was his unmarried sister, Louisa, 4 years his junior and also from France.

By the time of the 1881 census, Charles and his sister had left the Island and were now living in Portsea, Hants, where Charles continued to work as a photographer and his sister a school mistress.


Further Notes Mr Charles Oakeshott of Pier-street gave evidence at an inquest on the body of a male infant and the facts surrounding a concealment of birth, whose mother, Caroline Brant had been in his employ for the last eight months. He lived with his sister, Louisa Sarah Oakeshott who also gave evidence as to noticing a great difference in the girl’s appearance and she insisted on calling a medical man. They found the body of a child wrapped up in her clothes in a box. A policeman was sent for...
- IW Observer, 18 April 1863

Oakeshott v. Sargeant.---Claim for supplying photographic articles to defendant. He claimed a balance of £4.7s.6d. It appeared that defendant, who was represented by Mr. Harvey, had been placed with plaintiff to learn his art, and the mother had promised payment. Mr. Harvey said the defendant was under age, and his mother had made a composition of 5s. in the pound.---Mrs. Sargeant, mother of the defendant, said she sent her son, in 1865, to Mr. Oakeshott to be instructed, for which he was to be paid £3, and that amount had been paid. Goods were supplied, but it was for her. Her son had never been in business.---After a long examination, judgment was given for plaintiff; 10s. a month....
- IW Observer, 17 April 1867

MESSERS. WALLIS, RIDDETT & DOWN have received instructions to SELL by AUCTION, at Yelf's Hotel, in Ryde, on TUESDAY, September 7th, 1875, at 3 for 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the valuable PROPERTY, situate and being No. 9, PIER STREET, Ryde...
...a front shop communicating by an archway with two inner rooms, beyond which (approached by a separate staircase) is a photographic studio, with dark room, store room, &c...
...The above property has for the last 17 years been occupied as a bookseller's and photographic establishment by Mr. Oakeshott (who vacates next Christmas)...
- IW Observer, 21 August 1875

My thanks to Ann Barrett for supplying the above articles, and the RSHG for their permission to use them.


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